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We are a class of year 7 and 8 students who attend a semi-rural school on the outskirts of Tauranga in NZ. We are excited to share our experiences and learning at Tauriko School. Check back regularly to see what we have been up to. We have a load of fun in our class and would love to share it with you!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Zentangles for Ag Day

Now that Sports Camp is over, we are in the throes of preparing for Ag Day. This year, we have been experimenting with Zentangling. We have kept to a Sporting theme as that is and has been, our focus this term. After playing around with designs, we decorated our pages with line drawings, using fine Sharpie pens. We chose our sporting focus and have cut out our athletes using black paper. These will be glued over the completed designs. Here are some of the artworks being coloured with dye. We had two copies to practise on before we completed the original Zentangle. We are rapt with how they are coming along. The finished products will be unveiled at the Ag Day at the start of next term.

What is your sporting choice for the Zentangling? What did you enjoy most about this process? What was tricky? Is there anything you would change next time?

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  1. our soccer game was closs to night with our yeaar 8,s
    nice work olive felix and Gorger-lee