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We are a class of year 7 and 8 students who attend a semi-rural school on the outskirts of Tauranga in NZ. We are excited to share our experiences and learning at Tauriko School. Check back regularly to see what we have been up to. We have a load of fun in our class and would love to share it with you!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I was ready, geared up and pumped to start my training. Boots, ball and supervision. I strutted down the road with mum towards the park. I had a ball in one hand and a drink bottle in the other. We arrived. I started by dribbling the ball forwards and backwards. Next, I dribbled it from left to right. First I went left, then right and finally left again. I put my foot down in front of the ball to stop it when I landed on it wrong. “CRACK,” I rolled my foot and fell. I sat there a moment and sighed. I stood up and yelped. I fell again. Salty tears began to well up, blinding me. I wiped them away with a desire to play on. I struggled to my feet. The dream had ended. No more soccer. No more boot camp, and definitely no more sports camp. I was gutted.  

By Sophie    

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