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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

River Rival by Sophie

River Rival
Thirty six students, six adults and one whole day of fun, in contrast to twenty seven students, eight adults, one whole day of fun. Which year is going to be better, 2014 or 15?

In mid April, thirty six pupils from Tauriko School, took a trip to Waimarino Water Park for the day.

First up was kayaking. We chose kayaks and pushed them in. After pulling, slapping and slashing our way across the water, we rafted up. We then listened and watched Aston basically throw himself into the water, as told to by our instructor Sean.

Eagerly, the class pushed themselves out of the raft, ready to do some tricks.I went straight into standing up. Slowly, I encouraged my nervous body upright. The kayak was unsteady. I felt it quiver, nervously under my feet. I heard what was a faint screech become louder and louder. “Boom… splash… arh!” I had been thrown from the kayak into the ice-cold water by a rampaging, out-of-control fellow kayaker Caitlyn. After some bruising, struggling and slipping, I managed to get back into my kayak.

We rafted up and in threes, we paddled back to shore.

After lunch, we started the activities. I went to the Tarzan swing. There was a bit of a line but soon enough, it was my turn. I used the metal hook to grab the swinging rope. I then felt the itchy, knotted rope in my trembling hands. I counted down, “3, 2..” and my head started to play tricks on me. “It’s too cold, you can’t do it.” “1” and jumped. The water’s cold, muddy fingers pulled me into it’s deep, murky depths. As I surfaced, the bubbles exploded around me as I reached for the shore.

It was time for the high dive board. I looked up and looked down. I repeated this action until my neck got sore. Finally, I built  my courage to walk up, onto the slippery plank.
My feet refused to move as I nudged them forward. I heard my classmates cheer me on like a rugby match. “Go Sophie, you can do it!” Then, out of the blue, my feet decided to jump. I didn’t have time to react but In the matter of a moment I plummeted into the water with a plonk. I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by leaves and sticks. “I did it,” I screamed, “I did it.”

The last activity was The Blob. I was so nervous. I put on a lifejacket and helmet ready to skyrocket into the water. I walked up the daunting stairs. I got to the top and looked down at all the staring faces. It soon came to mind, that it was my turn next!
“Ba-boom-ba-boom” My heart started to beat faster and faster, louder and louder. My body started to shake like a leaf in the wind as Sean explained what to do. He shouted “3, 2, 1 GO.”
As I was falling, the butterflies swam around my stomach. “Boof.” Like a wave, the air ran to the end and bounced Cumorah into the water. Now it was my turn to be blobbed. Mereana got ready while I was crawling to the two black dots. As I sat in place, Sean yelled, “3, 2, 1 GO!” She hit the mat and I got lifted up into the sky. But, as I was falling, my body tilted and “Slap.” I had belly-flopped into the river. Ouch!

“Click.” As I sat in in the car, I thought about the day I had just experienced. It was thrilling, show-stopping, body shocking and awesome. It was definitely better than 2014.

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  1. I love this story it is so adventures.