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We are a class of year 7 and 8 students who attend a semi-rural school on the outskirts of Tauranga in NZ. We are excited to share our experiences and learning at Tauriko School. Check back regularly to see what we have been up to. We have a load of fun in our class and would love to share it with you!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Swimming Intensive

The Tall Poppies have been having intensive swimming sessions at the polytechnic pools. Everyone is in one of 6 groups with a professional instructor. The Tall Poppies have 5 set dates where they spend an hour swimming laps, working on techniques, diving, starts and finishes. Swimming is really good fitness and it helps us for swimming sports. As well the Tall Poppies love going to the deep pool 4m at one end and 1.4m at the other.

Reported by Hannah Rose

Boat Rescue

The Tall Poppies from Tauriko School went to the Polytech pools for swimming and water safety lessons. We had six lessons and at the end on the sixth day we had a boat safety day. We rescued ourselves and other people and showed the teachers what we had learned. We did this for ourselves and the William Pike challenge.

First my group rescued each other - sculling, saving our selves in event of an emergency and keeping each other warm so we don’t get hypothermia. Next we went to boat rescue. One of us would swim up to the boat, do a safe entry and wait for the next person help them in. We did that until there were four in the boat. Then the first person who got in would do a diver dive out of the boat. The next person would hop in and that went on till we got to the first person.

Next the boat rescue team turned the boat upside down and we each took turns to go under the boat and have a look at the air pocket. The Tauriko Tall Poppies had so much fun at the Polytech Pool, swimming, rescuing and learning.         

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